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Classic Premium Travertine Honed and Filled
// A popular member of the travertine tile family, our classic premium honed and filled travertine..
Classic Travertine Tumbled Tiles
// Tumbled travertine tiles offer a more natural and rustic feel than tiles that have been filled ..
Noce Travertine Honed and Filled
// The mottled, intricate pattern of the noce travertine tile provides a great compromise for home..
Noce Travertine Tumbled
// Noce travertine tumbled is the darkest of the travertine range with shade variations from ..
Silver Travertine Honed and Filled
// Silver travertine tiles work beautifully in tandem with elegant or minimalist interior design. ..
Silver Travertine Tumbled
// It is not always easy to find a tile that appears both clean and bright but fits alongside rust..
Travertine Noce Pattern
// Many homeowners prefer a more intricate pattern on the walls and floors of their house. A dark,..
Travertine Walnut Polished Tiles
// The warmth of the polished walnut travertine tile makes it suitable for homeowners who love the..
Yellow Travertine Honed and Filled Tiles
// Honed and filled yellow travertine tiles have all the natural charm you could need in a rustic ..
Yellow Travertine Tumbled
// Tumbled yellow travertine tiles are amongst the most charming natural stone tiles in our range...

Travertine Floor Tiles and Travertine Wall Tiles

Add warmth and style to any interior design with the highest quality travertine kitchen tiles and travertine bathroom tiles

Halfway between marble and limestone, Travertine was first made popular by the Romans. And it has stood the test of time in homes around the world ever since. Warm, welcoming and rich in colour, travertine wall tiles bring a classic, luxurious feel to any room.

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Travertine kitchen tiles

It may not be quite as grand as the Colosseum, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t still be an impressive amphitheatre of cooking.

Travertine kitchen floor tiles are the perfect foundation for any modern or classically styled kitchen. And they are robust enough to deal with the daily grind of the busiest room in the house.

Travertine kitchen wall tiles are also a cost-effective alternative to porcelain, paper and plaster on the walls of your kitchen. If you are looking to add a sense of heritage to your home, travertine kitchen tiles may be just right for you.


Travertine bathroom tiles

As in ancient times, the bathroom is considered a sanctuary today. Whether it’s taking a long soak in the bath or a quick splash under the shower, a room lined with travertine bathroom wall tiles and travertine bathroom floor tiles makes those brief moments of privacy all the more comfortable.

Whether it’s classic opulence, rustic charm or a light, smooth and contemporary finish, travertine bathroom tiles are as versatile as they are hard-wearing.


Choose the right travertine tiles for you

At Tile Traders we offer a selection of beautiful travertine floor tiles and travertine wall tiles suited to bathrooms, kitchens and other living areas. We offer two distinct types of travertine tiles in a range of warm cream, honey and cool silver shades, including a honed and filled travertine with a highly polished finish and a rustic tumbled travertine tile finished with a more textured rustic effect.


Why choose Tile Traders for your travertine wall tiles and travertine floor tiles?

At Tile Traders we are committed to finding the right product for your needs. We are the specialists in natural tiles and have over 50 years’ combined experience, which is why we are able to source the very best quality products at the lowest price possible.

We offer a 3-day standard delivery service or a next day express delivery option on our travertine wall tiles and travertine floor tiles.

Not sure that travertine wall tiles or travertine floor tiles are what you are looking for? Browse our range to find your perfect tile.

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