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Floor and Wall Tiles

Our premium stone floor and wall tiles offer a durable and authentic alternative to ceramics

There are a number of materials you can use on the floors and walls of your home. Each has its own pros and cons, but at Tile Traders we believe that choosing floor and wall tiles made of natural stone offers more benefits than any other.

Find the perfect tile for you by exploring our range now.


The finest floor and wall tiles at the best prices

While ceramic floor and wall tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours, offering an identical and uniform appearance throughout a room, they lack the character and charm of natural materials.

At Tile Traders we offer natural stone tiling solutions to suit all tastes. Our range includes everything from calibrated slate kitchen floor tiles for a consistent, precise and easy-to-fit surface, to the more rustic, tactile texture of brushed limestone kitchen wall tiles. Our stone – which is carefully selected from the most reputable quarries – can be just as stunning when used in kitchens, hallways, conservatories and utility areas.

Using natural materials can add significant value to a living space, whilst still offering a cost effective solution. Natural stone kitchen tiles are able to transform an unwelcoming and nondescript space into an elegant and enticing environment.

Our range of natural stone floor and wall tiles are as practical as they are eye-catching. Hard and resilient to scratches, spillages and the rigours of a high traffic room, floor tiles from Tile Traders can simply be wiped clean.

Kitchen floor tiles and bathroom floor tiles are also well suited to underfloor heating systems – a great solution for heating the modern home during those cold winter mornings.

Fitting floor and wall tiles

All of our kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are made for easy installation. Unlike some materials, which can be tricky to incorporate into the home, natural stone tiles don’t require years of experience to fit.

For guidance on best practice, take a look at our handy stone tile installation page. Or browse our range of natural stone tile accessories for a great deal on the best products to help complete your project.