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Indian Sandstone Tiles

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Indian Sandstone Floor Tiles and Sandstone Wall Tiles

Choose the finest indian sandstone kitchen tiles or indian sandstone bathroom tiles for a uniquely tactile surface in your home.

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Indian Sandstone Tiles

For homeowners looking to achieve a more rustic or period feel, few stone floor tiles or stone wall tiles can match the natural texture of indian sandstone.

Always popular in outdoor spaces because of its natural grip and hard-wearing nature, sandstone also generates a classic, period feel when used in natural stone kitchen tiles or in natural stone bathroom tiles.

Looking for indian sandstone tiles? Tile Traders has a varied selection of sandstone tiles and sandstone floor tiles. Why not browse our range and see for yourself.

Indian Sandstone kitchen tiles

Indian Sandstone tiles don’t just function outside the home on paths and driveways. You can achieve a stunning period feel to your interior design by using sandstone kitchen floor tiles or instead of exposed brick as sandstone kitchen wall tiles.

Sandstone tiles are more than durable enough to meet the rigours of daily kitchen life. They are easy to maintain and extremely tough. Sandstone tiles are also light and warm in colour, making even the darkest kitchen space feel like airy al fresco dining. Browse our sandstone kitchen floor tiles, sandstone kitchen wall tiles, stone kitchen floor tiles & stone kitchen wall tiles.

Indian Sandstone bathroom tiles

It’s not just the kitchen space that can be transformed by indian sandstone. Few bathroom tiles can transport you to a more relaxed and tranquil place than sandstone. Whether you choose to use them as bathroom floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles or both, soak away the worries of the world in a warm, almost exotic environment. Browse our indian sandstone bathroom floor tiles, indian sandstone bathroom wall tiles, indian stone bathroom floor tiles & indian stone bathroom wall tiles.

Our historical Raj Indian sandstone

At Tile Traders we offer the historical Raj sandstone, a natural stone tile perfectly suited to interior designs aiming for that antique feel. With great depth of colour and that unmistakeable texture, these sandstone floor tiles and sandstone wall tiles are popular both inside and outside the house.

Why choose Tile Traders for your Indian sandstone wall tiles and sandstone floor tiles?

At Tile Traders we are committed to finding the right product for your needs. We are the specialists in natural stone tiles and have over 50 years’ combined experience, which is why we are able to source the very best quality products at the lowest price possible.

We offer a 3-day standard delivery service, with a next day express delivery available on our sandstone wall tiles and sandstone floor tiles.

Not sure that sandstone bathroom tiles or sandstone kitchen tiles are what you are looking for? Browse our range to find your perfect tile.

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