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Limestone Tiles

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Limestone Floor Tiles and Limestone Wall Tiles

A range of finishes and colours make limestone kitchen wall tiles and limestone bathroom floor tiles an attractive alternative in your home

Few surfaces have the same character as limestone. Incredibly tactile and offering a range of rich, distinctive colourings, limestone tiles can be treated in a number of ways to create an opulent, rustic or even modern feel and appearance.

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Limestone kitchen wall tiles

Limestone must be considered one of the most beautiful materials available for the home. Warm and exotic, limestone also makes for hardy and versatile surfacing. Whether it’s limestone kitchen floor tiles or limestone kitchen wall tiles, we offer a number of different styles and finishes on our superior quality stone products.

Limestone bathroom floor tiles

Limestone is never more at home than when directing the flow of water. So it is no surprise that it works beautifully as part of bathroom tiling. Polished, honed or brushed, limestone can achieve very different effects in the home. We sell only the finest stone in our limestone bathroom wall tiles and limestone bathroom floor tiles, so you can be certain that you achieve the finish you desire.

Choose the right limestone tiles for you

It takes millions of years for the remains of marine organisms to turn into the eye-catching sedimentary rock we call limestone. And choosing between different styles of limestone floor tiles and limestone wall tiles can take nearly as long.

At Tile Traders we offer deep, dark and rich limestone, such as the Antique Blue Limestone, right through to the light Jerusalem Tumbled Limestone. Low on maintenance and extremely versatile throughout the living spaces of your home, limestone is not only an effective surface but a beautiful one.

Why choose Tile Traders for your limestone wall tiles and limestone floor tiles?

At Tile Traders we are committed to finding the right product for your needs. We are the specialists in natural tiles and have over 50 years’ combined experience, which is why we are able to source the very best quality products at the lowest price possible.

We offer a 3-day standard delivery service, with a next day express delivery available on our limestone wall tiles and limestone floor tiles.

Not sure that limestone bathroom tiles or limestone kitchen tiles are what you are looking for? Browse our range to find your perfect tile.

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