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Slate Tiles

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Slate Floor Tiles and Natural Slate Wall Tiles

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with the best quality slate tiles, slate floor tiles, kitchen tiles and slate bathroom tiles

It’s easy to see why slate has been used as a building material for centuries. Strong, hard-wearing and easy to clean, it is one of the most versatile of natural materials. Tile Traders source only the finest slate tiles from across the globe to help our customers achieve the home of their dreams.

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Slate kitchen tiles

Natural slate kitchen floor tiles have traditionally been used in the kitchens of country houses where hardwearing and easy to clean materials are required. Today, slate kitchen floor tiles can be used to not only recreate that rustic look in your home, but also feature in more sleek and contemporary interior designs – not to mention as posh plates in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Slate kitchen wall tiles also offer an appealing alternative to porcelain, paper and plaster thanks to their durability and ability to be wiped. Browse our selection of slate kitchen wall tiles, kitchen slate tiles, slate floor tiles & slate kitchen floor tiles.

Slate bathroom tiles

One of the most popular usages in recent times has been in using natural slate wall tiles as part of bathroom décor. Easy-to-clean and just as easy on the eye, these tiles can be used effectively to create a sense of peace and tranquillity in your home.

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to combine slate bathroom wall tiles and slate bathroom floor tiles to create spa-like wet rooms within the own home. And our range of carefully sourced slate tiles can help you to transform any wet room into the perfect sanctuary. Browse our selection of slate bathroom wall tiles, slate floor tiles,  & slate bathroom floor tiles.

Calibrated slate tiles

Calibrated slate floor tiles and calibrated slate wall tiles are available from Tile Traders in a range of colours. By using modern machines to cut the slate with incredible precision, you can achieve the same natural, textured finish of traditional hand-split slate with the added convenience of perfect consistency in size and shape.

Find the perfect natural slate tiles for you now.

Why choose Tile Traders for your natural slate wall tiles and natural slate floor tiles?

At Tile Traders we are committed to finding the right product for your needs. We are the specialists in natural tiles and have over 50 years’ combined experience, which is why we are able to source the very best quality products at the lowest price possible.

We offer a 3-day standard delivery service, with a next day express delivery option also available on our natural slate wall tiles and natural slate floor tiles.

Not sure that natural slate wall tiles or natural slate floor tiles are what you are looking for? Browse our range to find your perfect tile.

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