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Grey Slate Tiles

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Grey Slate Floor Tiles and Grey Slate Wall Tiles

Whatever your taste in interior design, you won’t go wrong with grey slate tiles

Grey slate provides the same hard-wearing resilience as all of our natural stone tiles, whilst delivering a softer, more delicate hue to a room. Grey slate beautifully complements fixtures and fittings made from a range of materials – whether it’s wood, metal, porcelain or plastic.

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Why choose grey slate tiles for your floors and walls

Homes evolve over time and your taste in furniture and fixings can change from year to year. But nobody wants to change their floor with every latest fashion.

Grey slate tiles are subtle and delicate in colour, making it the ideal tile for homeowners with eclectic tastes. It combines well with everything from ultra-modern brushed steels and chrome effects to more classic wood furnishings. And because of its delicate colourings, grey slate is able to lift and lighten any room.

Grey slate floor tiles

Flooring is the foundation for a beautiful room. And there are few surfaces that complement such a wide range of interior design elements as grey slate floor tiles. For bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor spaces, grey slate achieves all the character, comfort and cleanliness you could wish for.

Grey slate wall tiles

Grey slate wall tiles are often used to balance a room where lots of other colours and materials are competing for attention – like in a modern bathroom, where chrome, porcelain and brightly coloured beauty products threaten to overload the senses. If you want to make a subtle statement in your bathroom or kitchen, our high quality grey slate wall tiles will be right up your street.

Why choose Tile Traders for your grey slate wall tiles and grey slate floor tiles?

With 50 years’ combined experience we have developed close working relationships with the quarries and factories that supply our products. That is why we offer the best prices on the very finest grey slate wall and floor tiles.

As the specialists in natural stone tiles we are committed to offering outstanding customer service and finding our customers the right product for their needs. And with our next day express delivery option, our grey slate tiles can be with you in time to meet even the tightest deadline.

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