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Green Slate Honed Tiles

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The distinctive and unique-looking green slate honed tile is ideal for homeowners looking for something out of the ordinary to bring a space to life.

Silky smooth and vibrant in colour, green slate honed tiles are perfect for that quirkier kitchen space or perhaps a room that requires something special to bring it to life. In bathroom spaces, this surface works beautifully as part of a subtle marine theme, naturally lending itself to the cascading water from a shower as either a wetroom floor tile or on the walls of a shower enclosure.

Unlike other verde slate tiles on the market, our green slate is mottled and varied in colour with spots and striations that add character and keep it looking natural, while the honed finish of this calibrated product makes it a smooth, easy to fit surface in the home.

Green slate honed tiles are as hardwearing as any of our slate tiles and are more than capable of standing up to the rigours of a high-traffic kitchen or the humidity of a bathroom. This tile is easy to fit and can be used effectively in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Green slate honed tiles are available in a range of sizes with all prices shown in m(excluding VAT).

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600 x 300 x 14mm [+/-2mm]

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